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Congress for people with and without need for support

„Moving borders“

15 – 18 June 2022 in Zurich


Seven congresses were held between 1998 and 2018.

Sometimes almost 700 people attended.

The congresses took place in different countries.

In Europe.

These congresses were designed for people in need of support.

A congress in Zurich is planned for 2022.

For people in need of support.

For people without need of support.

For professionals. For relatives. For all.

The congress lasts four days.

500 people are taking part. From all over Europe.

The aim is: meeting, exchange, education and development.

One goal is also: all participants are committed.

For an inclusive society. In other words:

For a world in which all people have their place.

People with and without a need for support.

„The congress is important for me.

I can show something to others.

Namely: People with a need for support can do a lot.

Much more than is always thought. » (Member of the organisation group)

People in need of support can often give a lot.

More than society gives them credit for.

It is important to know this.

For all congress participants.

You can carry this message to the world.


We deal with the topic: borders.

With art, with movement and with conversation.

There are different contributions.

There is a panel discussion.

There are working groups and excursions.

And enough free time for meeting and exchange.

There is also a big party with live music.

And a city walk.

You can get to know Zurich.

There is a culture evening.

To this we invite the public.

Do you have a contribution?

Please inform us.

Practical Information

„We wish:

When the participants go home after the congress, they are enthusiastic and full of joy.

They are strengthened.

Then everything is won.

Then the congress will have been worthwhile. » (Member of the organisation group) 


The Congress will take place from Wednesday, 15 June to Saturday, 18 June 2022.


In the largest city in Switzerland. In Zurich.

This city is easily accessible.

The „Volkshaus“ is located in the centre of the city.

This is our venue.

Here you can get information about the Volkshaus.

And here about the city of Zurich.


Participation in the congress costs 500 euros per person.

This includes three nights‘ accommodation and food.

Without overnight stay it costs 300 euros.

You must attend the whole congress.

Participation on individual days is not possible.

(Except the participation in the public cultural evening)

Overnight stay

The accommodation is in youth hostels and hotels.

They are easily accessible by public transport.

They are well suited for people with a wheelchair.

There are many double rooms. And four-bed rooms.

Do you need a single room?

Then register early.

There are not many single rooms.


Breakfast is served in the accommodation.

All other meals in the „Volkshaus“.

Congress languages

The languages at the congress are:

German, English and French.

There are many people with another language?

Then we will try to organise a translation.

Please help each other too!

Working groups

On the first day you go to the registration.

There you will find a list for the working groups.

You choose a working group.

You participate in the same working group for two days.


Thursday and Friday afternoons there are excursions.

Very different and interesting ones.

You can choose your excursions when you register.


Here you can view and download the congress flyer.


Zürcher Eingliederung, Neumünsterallee 10, CH 8008 Zurich, Switzerland

email: u.pfeil@ze-werkstaetten.ch, Telefon: +41 44 388 49 03



We will be able to accept registrations from about February 2022.

Registrations are only possible online.

You register.

You pay the bill.

Then you will receive a confirmation of participation.

Only then is the registration valid.

Account details

Owner: Verband für anthroposophische Heilpädagogik und Sozialtherapie Schweiz

Bank: Postfinance AG Schweiz

IBAN CH93 0900 0000 4003 2435 9